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Delìra Blonde

The blonde brew of beer is the Pilsner who, starting from the Czech Republic, has conquered the whole world. Our Blonde DELAY is a homage to the most popular beer ever, suitable for any time of the day, refreshing, Dry, dry and balanced flavor, With a fine, persistent foam. Generous hopping enriches the classic bitter notes that characterize the Pilsner beers.

Delìra Red

Unlike the blonde "sisters", low fermentation red beers are not very widespread, especially in Italy. Red Delaware is a unique character of beer From a mixture of 3 malts that give it an amber color Dark and an aroma from the decided body, Well-balanced, featuring an intense aftertaste of coffee, Due to the particular roasting of one of the fungals used.

Delìra la Weiss

Among the various existing types of the famous wheat beer, DELìRA Weiss represents the unheated HEFEWEIZEN style, with the typical turbid appearance caused by the presence of yeast and protein substances remaining in suspension. In fact, the term "Hefe" means yeast in German. It is an harmonious and fresh beer, with fruity aromatic bouquet, moderately acidises. The fragrance of hops it’s more delicate and leaves space for more citrus notes that ending in a creamy and persistent foam.

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