Delira • Red

  • Delira • Red

Unlike their "blond" counterparts, low-fermentation red beers are not very common, especially in Italy.
DELìRA rossa is a single-hop beer, made with a combination of 4 malts that confer its dark amber colour and distinctive aroma; well-balanced with a strong aftertaste of coffee that comes from one of the hops, which is toasted.
The light, balanced alcoholic content gives this beer a unique character that everyone can enjoy.

Aroma: well-balanced
Flavour: distinctive, with slightly spicy tones
Body: structured, round
Palate: mellow aftertaste of toasted malt and coffee
Bitterness: balanced and distinctive
Head on draft: very fine and light
Colour: ruby ​​red, dark amber
Alcohol: 5.5 % Vol
Appearance: intense amber colour with crystalline transparency due to deep filtration and sterilisation
Distinctive features: best drunk from a large tulip glass; rich in phenolic substances that have a mild probiotic effect on intestinal microflora. Goes well with red meat, mature cured meats and cheeses, as well as creamy desserts
Keeps for a maximum of 15 months. Store away from sources of light and heat. Serving temperature 4-6°

Degree plato
Bitter units

24 IBU

Shelf life

15 months

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