DELìRA • Weiss

  • DELìRA • Weiss

Among the various existing types of the famous wheat beer, DELIRA Weiss represents the unheated HEFEWEIZEN style, with the typical turbid appearance caused by the presence of yeast and protein substances remaining in suspension. In fact, the term "Hefe" means yeast in German.
It is an harmonious and fresh beer, with fruity aromatic bouquet, moderately acidises. The fragrance of hops it’s more delicate and leaves space for more citrus notes that ending in a creamy and persistent foam.

Aroma: Floral, spicy
Flavour: Fresh, sparkling, slightly acidic
Body: Round, strong
Palate: Fruity with slight hints of wheat
Bitterness: Delicate but firm
Head on draft: Dense and persistent
Color: Golden yellow opalescent
Alcohol: 5.5 % Vol
Appearance: Clear, with high turbidity
Distinctive features: Wheat beer, to drink with a Weisse glass; rich in phenolic substances that have a mild probiotic effect on intestinal flora. To match with pork, boiled, savory pies, smoked cheeses, wurstel.

Keeps for a maximum of 12 months. Store away from sources of light and heat. Serving temperature 4-6°

Degree plato
Bitter units

11 IBU

Shelf life

12 month

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