Sunset • Blonde

  • Sunset • Blonde

SUNSET beer is our line dedicated to the world of sports parachuting.
In the parachute slang, the SUNSET is the last jump of the day, immersed in the colors and atmospheres of twilight, which blend in perfection with the spirit of our beer, simple and refreshing.
Authentic, like the emotions that only a sunset can give you.


Aroma: delicate, with with a strong malt accents
Flavour: pleasant, dry
Body: balanced, light, refreshing
Palate: moderate, hoppy aftertaste
Bitterness: balanced, slightly bitter
Head on draft: fine and persistent
Color: golden straw
Alcohol: 4.8 % Vol
Appearance: intense gold colour with crystalline transparency due to deep filtration and sterilisation
Distinctive features: best drunk from a goblet-type glass; rich in phenolic substances that have a mild probiotic effect on intestinal flora. Goes well with herby risottos, soft cheeses and white meats

Degree plato
Bitter units

22 IBU

Shelf life

18 month

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