Birra DELìRA Apa 33 cl

The APA (American Pale Ale) style began to develop from the 70-80s and is mainly distinguished by the variety of yeasts and hops used.

it is a versatile beer that leaves a lot of room for the variations and originality of those who produce it. DELíRA APA represents our personal dedication to overseas Pale Ale, where caramelized and toasted malts meet with the bitter notes of American hops, recalling spicy notes of resin and pine wrapped in an intense perfume.

Ingredients: Barley Malt, Hop, Water, Rye Malt, Yeast
Fermentation: High
Bitter unit: 25 IBUs
Plato degree: 12.5
Serving temperature: 6-8 °
Shelf Life: 15 Months
Color: Decisive amber
33 cl - 50 cl - FUSTO 5 Lt - KEG 3 Lt - KEG 24 Lt
Alcohol content:
Vol: 5,5%