In Ravenna, in the heart of Romagna, the I.C.B. Italian Craft Brewery, a project born from the desire to transform a passion cultivated within the walls of the house for several years into a real profession.

Dedication, passion, curiosity are the ingredients that the brothers Michele - master brewer - and Monica put on the field every day and that accompany their choices daily.

We are Italian Craft Brewery, the Delìra brewery in Ravenna.

The project and the realization of the ICB brewery in Ravenna, was born in 2014 and only materialized two years later following multiple researches and in-depth analyzes on the characteristics that best should have represented our ideas, passions, stimuli and objectives of the BEER universe.

The company covers an area of ​​7 thousand square meters which includes administrative offices, teaching rooms, meeting rooms, a tasting area and 1200 square meters dedicated to the production plant.

The "Sala Cotte" has a production capacity of 25 hl for multiple cooked, carried out with cutting-edge equipment and innovative technical control systems to guarantee the maximum quality standards required by the market.

The "Fermentation Room" has a storage capacity of 600 hl composed of truncated conical vats of 50 and 150 hl.

The "Conditioning Room" is composed of cutting-edge equipment.

Our beer is bottled through an isobaric filling system, in formats of:

  • 33 cl
  • 37.5 cl
  • 50 cl
  • 75 cl
  • 5 Lt drum
  • Keg 24 Lt

Who are our customers?

Simple: they are all those who love beer, who want the quality and goodness of a made in Italy product as a guarantee.


DELìRA & EXCìRA are craft beers and are born from the Romagna region which has always been the cornerstone of tradition and good taste.

ICB's mission starts from the desire to recognize ourselves with the territory and transform our passion into a resource

DELìRA is a simple beer, suitable for all those who love the quality and the guarantee of a product that respects the originality of the recipes and that embodies the flavors of the brewing tradition in different styles.

EXCìRA, is a beer with an elegant and explosive appearance and a delicate flavor, a line dedicated to the HO.RE.CA. sector.

We recently expanded our beer catalog, wanting to include Gluten Free among them. Clearly, the choice to insert this type of beer stems from the need to give anyone the opportunity to enjoy the many flavors of a craft beer, created especially for the purpose.


DELìRA & EXCìRA is an Irish slang. In the urban dictionary this expression is used to indicate a state of electrifying euphoria, of excitement.

On our website you will find all the types available from us. Explore the ICB website and choose your favorite Delìra beer!