Delìra Gluten Free

After a period of research and experimentation we decided to produce a high fermentation Ale beer without gluten, suitable for everyone and for people intolerant to this protein and who until now have not been able to enjoy the pleasure of a fresh DELíRA.

A modern beer, with opaque coppery yellow hues and an unmistakable hint of bread crust, with a slightly malty taste and a balanced bitterness, with a hint of cereals. Gluten free, 100% taste!
We recommend drinking it with a Nonick imperial pint and pairing it with cold cuts, white meats and cheese.

*% gluten to the minimum permitted by law
Color: Coppery Yellow
33 cl - 50 cl - FUSTO 5 Lt - KEG 3 Lt - KEG 24 Lt
Alcohol content:
Vol: 5%