In addition to guaranteeing a quality product, the ICB brewery also focuses on the search for synergies both in the production and commercial fields.

We briefly summarize what are the objectives and projects of ICB, the Ravenna brewery.

During its short production history, the ICB brewery has signed agreements with the Universities of Milan, Bologna and with the local Agricultural Institute, creating training internship projects carried out directly in the brewery within the production facility for students of new technologies food and enthusiasts of the brewing world.

The construction of a room dedicated to educational activities and training courses related to the "brewing art" and to the world of self-production is under construction, experimentation with alternative productions through the reuse of raw materials generating new products and creating a circular economy virtuous.

A good policy of "everything is necessary and usable" means that local synergies have been established, stimulating the circular economy through products other than DELìRA beer, experimenting with the creation of pastry and biscuit specialties including crackers, wholemeal breads, biscuits with barley malt, using beer and production by-products. The same by-products can be used as feed for farms but also as biomass fuel for the production of electricity and bioethanol.

Among the raw materials of the brassicolo process there is yeast which is a single-celled organism that is widely used in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.

The ICB brewery goes towards ecology, a wide-ranging green economy is the policy it has embraced since its inception, to implement the measures to be taken to safeguard our planet.

Among the projects, the recovery of CO2 from the fermentation of the beer must is planned, which allows to minimize carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere; a photovoltaic and solar thermal system for self-consumption; the recovery and reuse of washing water from regenerated production plants for agricultural use and for the cultivation of experimental hops.

Since 2020 ICB is also an organic transformer operator certified and controlled by Suolo & Salute.