Third party production is first of all a value for our company. The work is carried out in maximum transparency, in compliance with the laws and the environment, ensuring customers a competitive price, a high quality of the final product and the confidentiality necessary to preserve the originality and intellectual property of the recipes.

I.C.B. has always provided dedicated services for the development of customized products for the Ho.Re.Ca sector and for private customers, giving the opportunity to make each product unique, according to its recipe and graphic needs.

"Your project, your idea, also becomes ours": together we create your beer recipe!

If you have in mind a project for the creation of a beer brand, or you are a home brewer and want to elaborate your recipe directly in our brewery, I.C.B. Ravenna brewery puts its experts and know-how at your disposal to make the product closest to your needs.

The beer sector is competitive, which is why choosing the ideal recipe is important and vital, especially if you have decided to consolidate your brand and go into this sector.

The moment you join the brewery, you will have all the support of a team and a company devoted to the success of your goals. The creation of the beer you want, in full line with current regulations.

Come to the brewery, choose your I.C.B. it's the Ravenna brewery for you!

If everything we have said is not enough or clear, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our team will answer all your questions relating to third parties and beyond!